South Florida Railway Museum



Model Train Swap Meet And Flea Market.

Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Location: Westside Park Rec. Center
445 SW2nd Street
At Martin Luther King (SW 3rd Ave), Deerfield Beach


Museum Upgrade and Activity

The station upgrades were timely, far quicker than what was expected by the cynical treasurer. The improvements changed the building, both structurally and cosmetic. A new lobby and lavatories for Amtrak patrons, new roofs where needed, new railings and stair cases on the freight deck. In addition, there were refurbishments to the exterior walls, the foundation support columns, the floor structure, and installation of new state-of-the-art air conditioning units.

The museum interior has been upgraded with new air conditioning ducting, new electrical, new doors and the refinishing of just about every interior surface. Once again we want to reiterate how fortunate we are to have the open relationship with the City of Deerfield Beach and FDOT.

Re-construction has brought us to current building standards and codes, and extended the life of the museum. The look of the museum is more than what was expected and although you may not recognize it when seeing it again, there have been significant changes.

We are organizing and placing our artifacts and layouts in a display-friendly scheme, this is a lengthy task. To do this will take time (we are only volunteers) and we ask the public to be patient with our process and progress. Please scroll through the pictures of the Station Renovation and you will see the progress as we saw it.

For those of you new to our web presence, welcome! Our challenge is to provide the public with the history of railroading and how it affected the population growth and industry boom from the 1940's to the 1960's in the South Florida area. We do our best to explain this through the use of railroad artifacts and railroadiana.

The organization has been in existence since we moved into the station close to twenty years ago. For some years after the inception we plodded along without direction or purpose and without the realization of what could be accomplished. Some might say we are still without direction, but the last few years have been a turnaround period for us and under new leadership we are on our way to realizing the potential of the organization. The emphasis has changed from the organization being used as a personal stepping-stone to understanding the definitions of “Teamwork”, “Unity” and “Organization”. Partnered with the Deerfield Beach Historical Society and with their members on our board of directors the direction of the museum is much more focused.

Our desire is to chronicle the history of South Florida as related to the Railroads that brought commerce and development to the area and to educate the general population. We are also qualified to instruct the "Operation Lifesaver" program, to make our rail crossing safer.

Located in the historic former Seaboard Air Line station building in Deerfield Beach, it is our goal educate the public about the importance of railroads in the region past and present. There is also an active model railroad contingent within the organization, with a mobile “HO” layout under construction, a permanent HOn3 layout display, and a mobile “N” scale layout. Our collection of historic artifacts is constantly growing, and donations are always welcome.

We are active in other areas as well, including presenting swap meets of model railroad equipment and railroadiana, and assisting in the sale of collections and estates.

Our Membership Requirements (membership page link) of the museum are minimal; you need not have any desire to participate in the construction or any other facet of the Museum, but you can always feel free to participate in what manner suits your needs.
The museum holds membership with the Deerfield Beach Historical Society, National Model Railroad Association and the ACL/SCL Historical Society.